Community Real Estate Academy

CREA is an educational program committed to equipping local developers and community leaders with the skills, knowledge, and unwavering support needed to develop their own real estate projects.

By fostering local talent and empowering residents to lead their own development initiatives, we aim to help cultivate vibrant, thriving downtown areas that honor the existing community culture while embracing the opportunities of the modern age.

In U.S. history, property systems, power dynamics, and to wealth favored large-scale developers, leaving out many rural and urban communities. This limits local, smaller-scale developers in rural areas from reaching their full potential due to lack of resources, knowledge, and capital, deepening a divide between wealthy and poorer places.

We are committed to breaking this cycle...

Industry experts and faculty from Tulane University's Sustainable Real Estate Development Program are bringing CREA's online and in-person classes to your community!

CREA Cohort Photo Gallery